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December 27, 2012

How to Open Our Invitation

Seems like I'm never gonna get a video of our wedding invitation so you'll just have to watch it in part 3:14 of our wedding SDE.

Obviously, I changed my mind on the design from my previous post Spoiler Alert. When we canvassed, the previous design costs more and was at risk of being torn if not executed properly. So one day, I saw this on youtube when somebody linked it in FB. And I asked my fiance and siblings-in-law if it is a good and feasible idea and we agreed on it. My sister-in-law designed it again. It looked good on the design but the implementation was not that perfect thus this blogpost. The vision was to have an animation of  tiger and penguin kissing and some other moving elements like wine glasses toasting, musical notes floating, flowers twirling and bells jingling. Unfortunately, some of our invitees only notice it after we explain this fact or worse, guesses the wrong animals which kind of ruins the desired effect. Anyway, I cannot complain since I only provided the concept and  I don't know the technicalities on how to improve it so I couldn't have done it myself. I just have to console myself that our invitees were actually animated by it or the idea of it.:))

On a related note, our save the date gained a more positive feedback. It was visualized and executed by my groom. Good job!

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