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January 12, 2013


Since my female entourage will be flaunting their legs during the wedding and my 12-yr old sister is part of my entourage, I "kinda" hinted this multi-purpose and "somehow" wholesome activity for my bridal shower. My MOHs NJ and Au duly obliged and set up this event at Tip Top Toes, a spa inside our village. The afternoon comprised of the following activities:

  • Pampering

  • Eating

  • Some fun with the mirror

  • Gift giving

In the spirit of "fairness", Topeng also had his counterpart event aka Bachelor/Stag Parties. You heard that right... it's PLURAL! :)) I would ask him to post pictures but I don't think they allow cameras and picture taking in the places where he went with his friends...if you know what I mean :->

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