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April 30, 2013

Bruges, Belgium

I'm glad we still had time to see this medieval city before we left our tour group to ride a scheduled train to Paris. I was so overwhelmed by the number of chocolates on display in the shops that I totally forgot that I planned to buy truffles! 
I ended up rush buying Godiva and Leonidas which is not bad. As recommended, we had a Belgian lunch of mussels and fries and beer which does not come cheap. For the sightseeing, we weren't provided a map so I had no idea of the landmarks to see so we weren't able to find the church where the blood of Christ is.

 After lunch, we went to the coach bus to get our luggage and bid goodbye to our tour mates who are headed back to UK. Then, we walked to the train station with a couple of our tour mates who are going to Brussels. Good thing we booked the train over the internet before leaving for Europe, else we wouldn't have the 2hr chance to visit the wonder that is Bruges!

Walking to train station

Train Schedule

  B = Train Station

 Leonidas truffles

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