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April 18, 2013

Rabbit List

A bucket list is a list of things to do before "kicking the bucket". Mine is a relatively short term rabbit list is a list of things that I should do before "killing the rabbit". (Imbento Lang!) This is assuming I have the capacity to do so someday and haven't jinxed it by making this post.:))

1. Experience new things which I probably won't be able to do if/when it happens like:

               a. Go to any of these places. Paris is already checked... would be neat if I get some more in.:)
.              b. Do something illegal. Consider this checked... Don't worry I did not get caught but I did not enjoy it and can't seem to understand why the hype.

2. Have a healthy lifestyle. I'm sure this is a basic prerequisite for any woman but it is easier said than done! :)) The last time I went to the doctor, all my answers on the questionnaire were bad. It went something like this:

               a. Do you exercise regularly? No

               b. Do you eat 5-6 servings of fruits/vegetables per day? No

               c. Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day? No

    For shame! Tsk tsk tsk! So I am now resolving to have more discipline. If I am able to exercise at least 10 mins every other day within the month, have  a meal of veggies daily, ensure that I finish the water in my work desk      by noon/before leaving, I might be all set.

3. Learn to deal with Popy's quirks. I'm not saying that quirks are a bad thing. It just means that we are two different people. I'm not perfect and neither is he. Kids require a lot of patience and I want to practice my patience with this kid first.:p Hell, if I can get annoyed when he always "checks in" the toilet every time we go someplace or can't walk because of a foot problem, what more having someone who doesn't know how to use the toilet and doesn't walk yet, right?:))


  1. i just want to clarify that check-in is to do #1 and not #2. Namamahay ako e. :))

  2. ano bang problem ni Topeng sa foot nya? Huli na ko sa balita,eh. mwah to you & Tops