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August 24, 2013

Nina's Birthday 2013

Lunch with Origin people at the The Hub
This was an unexpected treat as Pam, Jim and Erik flew to Tucson for a pitch. The food was good but no free birthday dessert from The Hub for me. :o3
From left: Topeng, Nina, Pam, Bert, Jim, Erik. Photo from Pam.
Cake and Ice Cream from Safeway c/o Pop with TEP people
I should have known that when Pop was suddenly telling me that he was going to a meeting that he had something up his sleeve. He actually drove to Safeway to buy a box of eclairs, a couple of cakes and a couple of ice cream tubs. Another unexpected move as we had dinner plans in the much for getting hungry for the buffet.:)) I think it was his reverse-psychology way of forcing me to exercise which I did before dinner.

Dinner with friends at Golden Corral Buffet and Grill
Thanks to the Dandals, Tans and Suarezes for coming to my dinner and for the greeting cards with GCs.

Skydiving Arizona
Before my birthday, I told Pop that 30 is a good round number for me to finally agree to go skydiving with him so he took advantage of it and booked the day after my birthday. It was the riskiest thing that I've done in my life! All the paperwork had all those warnings that you cannot sue them if something happens to you and they cannot guarantee that the equipment will not fail and advise you to review your insurance if they will cover you in case of injury or death! :-s With a mini-argument with Pop on the appropriateness of his "surprise" and against my dad's legal voice in my head, I initialed all the waivers.
Thank God all went well! So that's what 9.8m/s/s feels like. I was so blown away by what was happening that I think I forgot to breath, I tried to scream but the air was being forced in the opposite direction and I couldn't feel my face. Looking at the pictures and video, I am still shocked how I managed to smile and freeze with that pose knowing that my life depended on that piece of fabric.
Here are the videos of our skydive experience with me as Masuka from Dexter and Popy as Quagmire from Family guy. Watta bunch of dorks we are! :))

Premium Outlets Phoenix
After skydiving and eating lunch, we proceeded with our original itinerary for the day/pop's surprise excuse which is outlet shopping. I was forced to drive from then forward as Pop realized that he left his wallet (where his drivers license is) at the apartment upon arrival in the skydiving place. (Good thing, the skydiving place accepted Pop's picture of his driver's license on his phone or else I'll take it as a sign not to go through with the dive). The circumstance is really forcing me to do grown-up stuff. Eww! In the outlet mall, I had a chance to use one of the GCs given to me. (Thanks, Dandal Family!)
Mini Golf and Go-Karting at Funtastiks
Skydiving aside, I wanted to do a fun activity to convince myself that I am not old. Yes, holding on to my dear youth! Thus, I availed of a groupon for us and our friends. We also played a game of laser usual kulelat ako.:))
After this, takeout was ordered from El Pollo Loco and we regrouped at our apartment to have dinner. An unexpected hair cutting session and game of Just Dance 4 also occurred. I also gave out embutido as a "goodie bag". hahaha!

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