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September 25, 2013

Cultural Night: Russia

It's our first civil wedding anniversary! Popy got me a pot of orange chrysanthemums. TNL: di alam ang difference ng chrysanthemum sa carnation, which is the first anniversary flowers. :)) I got him a gift certificate for him to buy a piece of plastic with a clock in it for our paper/plastic/clock anniversary.

For this month, Russia was picked. We went to Kalina Restaurant for a dinner date. The good reviews in Yelp are true. It is a quaint little place with good service.

Russian Matryoshka dolls and tea set
For our appetizer, we got Vladimir's Special which is a sampler of all their appetizers on the menu.
From left clockwise: Piroshki, Herring Wearing Fur Coat, Stuffed Eggs, Spinach Salmon Roll

I'll leave it to their menu the description for each. For me, out of the appetizers, the stuffed eggs and spinach salmon roll are worth trying.

The first time Pop tasted Herring Wearing Fur Coat, he didn't really understand what he was eating but he kept on munching so I guess it was good. It's basically beets with herring with vegetables and mayonnaise.

For the main course, Pop had Beef Stroganoff with Mushroom Barley soup while I ordered Chicken Kiev with Garden Salad.
Garden Salad

Mushroom Barley soup
Beef Stroganoff
Chicken Kiev

The food was as good as it looked! Since we were too full for dessert, we had the Russian Day and Night for take-away. voskhititel'nyy!
Russian Day and Night
For the movie, Popy chose Anastasia. I already watched it before but I already forgot the story so now I remember again.
For the activity, we went to see the Jordan World Circus. It's not the Russian circus but I guess it will have to do. We availed of the groupon. However, we should have brought some cash as the food and attractions only accepts cash as mode of payment.

We were supposed to also go to Flandrau observatory as Russia is known for space travel but things became hectic so I guess will have to go some other time.

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