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December 01, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Upon my friend Frida's invitation, we went to Southern California for Thanksgiving again but this time in Long Beach instead of LA area and we took a flight from Phoenix to Long Beach. I haven't seen Frida since high school and it was a happy reunion for us. I also got to meet her partner Chris and son Basti (and there's another one on the way!). Upon our arrival, they took us to a Jollibee for brunch. Of course, I ordered my Jolly spaghetti with chickenjoy. Pop ordered his 2 piece chickenjoy. Enjoy!

After brunch, we went to the Asian grocery to look for my favorite mangga and bagoong. We ate it at their apartment. The afternoon was spent just resting and some food preparing for the thanksgiving dinner. The thanksgiving dinner was held at Frida's mom's house where their families are in attendance. We forgot to take pictures because we were already busy with eating the food.:))

The day after thanksgiving, we had lunch at Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que. (Apparently, they have a couple of branches in Long Beach and I didn't take note which one we ate in)

Since it was "Black Friday", we checked out the mall. It was mostly strolling. Popy just bought from Potato Corner and I just bought some extra underwear from Macy's hoping to use the coupon from our boarding pass.

At night, Topeng and I met with his WOW friends: Jason, Chris, his wife Camille and his twin brother Jim. They took us for dinner to another barbecue meal but this time the Korean type. I forgot the name of the place because there was no English alphabet spelling on the signage so I guess we'll have to ask our companions for that again.:)) Review: Busog! Mausok lang kaya amoy inihaw ka pagkatapos. After which, they took us to watch Frozen at Edwards Cinema (?).

Saturday, we met with spouses Daena and Jing again who have recently moved from LA to Long Beach. They took us to Hokkaido Seafood Buffet for lunch.

After which, we finally were able to do a little touring. They took us to Korean Friendship Bell (unfortunately, it was under construction) and Queen Mary.

Korean Bell fail

Queen Mary

Sunday, we had an early flight back the following day. We had a lot of food in tow thanks to Frida. We delivered some of it to my high school batchmate Chloe who lives in Phoenix by meeting in Ikea where we also had breakfast.

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