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February 10, 2014

Moving Phase Food Trips

Because I got worried that I was not gaining enough weight for the baby and we were too tired from home moving to cook, our eat-outs became more often.

Red Devil Italian Restaurant
It was dinnertime when we arrived in Phoenix from our flight in New Jersey so we were already hungry. I wanted some pasta with white sauce at that time so we looked for one using Yelp and our GPS. We were lead to this restaurant. I got Fettuccine Alfredo while Pop got the Chicken Parmigiana with additional sausage. My duckface below shows how hungry I am but I was kind of disappointed that my order doesn't have the taste I was craving was kind of bland. I guess that's what I get for eating something that I'm supposedly not be eating (as those kind of sauces might have raw eggs in it).
This is our first time eating out for breakfast. I can't believe we already missed the heavy breakfast in Jersey!:)) Pop ordered hot chocolate and Split Decision breakfast combo while I ended up with a big steak omelet since the other options had bacon and deli meat in them and those without looks too heavy for breakfast. It was overkill because all components were too heavy on the much for balanced diet. :)) Pardon our bagong-gising-slash-wala-pang-ligo appearances below. (In fairness, I guess the sustenance did us good since one waitress complimented me despite of that.) 
[Topeng: The waitress actually said "Sorry for staring, but you look very pretty!" ]

In and Out
We have this for take-away and now seems to be Pop's favorite burger joint. Their menu is pretty simple and straightforward. It boasts of fresh ingredients on its burger and cholesterol-free fries so it gives an impression that it is not unhealthy.

Lil Abner's Steakhouse
I was craving for steak so we went here for our anniversary. The place has an outdoor grill, walls are covered in grafitti and license plates so it looked pretty laid back but the prices were not.:)) Pop got the 1 lb rib-eye steak and I got the "Cowgirl" steak (1 lb T-bone). Every meal comes with salad, unlimited texas toast, beans and salsa. We also shared a pecan pie ala mode for dessert.
Pop's review: "Big Abnoy sa presyo pero masarap naman sha".
Mush's review: It was ok but I guess it was not such a good idea for a pregnant woman to get steak cooked in an outdoor grill since "well done" meant there were some burnt streaks. Popy's steaks pa rin ako.
Warning: When our bill came, we realized that we fell into the the trap of saying yes when they offered corn on the cob which we thought came with the meal. Tsk, tsk! Oh well!

Mantis Chinese
We learned about this from Bert/Alpha when they ordered fried rice from them when we came to their apartment. It's 'sulit': all kinds of meat are there so we decided to eat there one night. Their dinner special came with soup (egg drop or hot and sour), 2 crab puffs, 2 egg rolls, rice (brown or jasmin) and a choice of chicken, beef or shrimp dish. For my dinner special, I chose the egg drop soup, brown rice and snow peas chicken (chicken with broccoli, napa, snowpeas, waterchestnut,mushroom). Popy chose his with hot and sour soup, brown rice as well and black pepper steak (beef with chili pepper, onions and black pepper sauce). Lamon mode na naman kami and the best thing is it was only about $10 for each meal. Of course, if you want a less oily alternative, then there are other restaurants for that and you will have to pay more but its another story.
Tip: If you do not want to smell like food, it is best to get their food as takeaway. However, take note that their lunch serving is smaller than their dinner serving.

The Cracker Barrel
Wanting to try another breakfast place, we went here one weekend morning. I have to say I like this better than Ihop. They have more variety and options and they have a cute shop. I ordered Smokehouse Breakfast (Two scrambled eggs with Grits, Sawmill Gravy and Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits along with real Butter and the best Preserves. Served with Turkey Sausage Patties) while Pop had the Double Meat Breakfast (Three soft sunny side up Eggs with a full order of Bacon and Smoked Sausage Patties. Served with Grits, Sawmill Gravy and Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits along with Real Butter and the best Preserves). Sobrang busog na naman, nabinyagan na tuloy ung CR ng bahay.TMI!

El Guerro Canelo
For Valentine's Day, I couldn't think of anything special to do so I indulged Popy by getting our dinner from his favorite El Guerro Canelo and just having a movie date at home. We ordered almost the same food from our Mexican cultural night plus Pop ordered a couple of sonoran hotdogs.

[Nowadays you know you like your food more than your photos when there isn't any photos of your food - Topeng]

Texas Roadhouse
We initially were going there for lunch but then the Comcast installation guy arrived early so we had to go home first. By the time the installation finished, we were so hungry so we decided to just eat at home with leftovers for lunch. 
When we finally decided to eat there for dinner, it was almost closing time as they were closing early for the Super Bowl. Anyhoo, long story short, we arrived just in time for dining in but not for taking out. They had complimentary peanuts and bread with apple butter while we waited for our order which is prime rib with a slab of rib. (This came with two sides but I can't remember which ones we ordered). We shared the plate: mostly Pop having the prime rib while I had the slab of rib. I guess we were too hungry that we forgot to take a picture of the food when it arrived so this is the only picture we have of the experience.  
From the looks of things, Pop will be recommending this place as he enjoyed the prime rib.

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