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April 21, 2014

Cultural Night: Jamaica Mon!

What time it is? Jamaican bobsled time! (not really :p)

I was actually waiting for the day that we get to pick Jamaica as our next Cultural Night for one sole reason.. For Nina to be able to watch Cool Runnings! :))
Amazingly enough though, the Jamaican restaurant (D's Island Grill) we went to was pretty good too. So that's a double win for us for both the food and the movie.

It has been a few years since I've been a jerk.. I mean eat jerk chicken and it was nice to have it again. They have combo meals and we had the chicken, ox tail stew and curry goat. All of them was a joy to the palate even the coleslaw!
We also had one of their signature drinks called the water melon splash. It was refreshing to say the least and I think it was because of  the hint of ginger. Would have been perfect if it fixed by singing voice. I tried singing but did not help.

Afterwards with a caramelized banana with vanilla ice cream. FYI the picture below is not a picture of the light and dark side of the force!!!
All in all we I would personally like to eat there again. Very much recommended. :)

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