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March 09, 2015

Feeding the Lily: Purees and Teethers

As recommended from books I read, we waited for Lily to double her birth weight before introducing solid food. We would have waited until six months of age as recommended by experts nowadays but Topeng's parents were leaving before then and we needed help transitioning Lily. She seems interested in food before then but followed this trend anyway since food preparation is also so tedious. We started with the traditional route of purees. Pumpkin season has just finished during that time so it was her first solid food.
First solid food at @ 5 months 1 week
I wasn't aware then of any sequence to use when introducing food so whatever came next were already random. A friend mentioned though to start with yellow/orange food first then green foods as they are easier to digest. I guess that worked out for the first one but she already had avocado by then. We tried giving her some store brought ones when we go out but she hardly touches it so I had to do homemade ones. Some I froze into ice cubes trays then microwave before consumption. Sometimes, I mixed breastmilk with the food.

We also gave her foods to help with teething like organic baby carrots, organic celery and cucumber. I got the idea from one of the posts I saw from a breastfeeding support page.

It was also important to clean her mouth now that she is eating something other than breastmilk. We used Spiffies tooth wipes provided by Healthy Families program or cotton/buds with distilled water.

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