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July 06, 2015

Lily's First Plane Ride

Because we are crazy parents, Lily's first plane travel is about 24 hours long (Tucson to Manila). :)) And because we are also lucky parents, it went better than expected. Thank God! Lily hardly cried and even our fellow passengers commented on it. Someone even requested to swap seats with us not realizing that we had a baby in tow nursing under the covers. (Kinda annoyed by them but we obliged nonetheless). She nursed through most of the take-offs and landing. She was even playful and giggly during the flight. The only challenge was getting her to sleep. I had to walk her around the aisles to keep her occupied.

I think I've prepared as much as I can in terms of Lily's provisions during the flight. As advised by a certain website, we brought blueberries, cubed baked sweet potato, cubed baked tofu, hardboiled eggs, some puffs, veggie sticks (the snack kind, not the raw kind) and pear juice in tetra packs. I also drank more water more often than usual for the sake of my milk supply. Rookie mistake: blueberries should be fresh not frozen as it thawed during the travel but luckily it was ziplocked well. Another thing that I should have done is offered the food more often since the cubed food and eggs were hardly touched. I thought that she should eat when we eat but I didn't realize that the meal intervals were too irregular and too far apart. By the time that I did, I was already afraid to give it to her since it has been several hours since the food was not refrigerated nor heated. We also offered her some bread from the in-flight meals which amused some passengers seeing how much gusto she shows when she eats. We also brought some toys but were hardly used since we put them in a separate wheeled carry-on bag and it was not that accessible. We ended up playing with the magazines and paper cups from the lavatory. I allotted the diaper bag for the should-be accessible stuff like diapers, wipes, nursing blanket, snacks and was avoiding it from getting too heavy (but it still did due to Tatay's gadgeteria and abubots! Hmp!)

The challenge was after the fact wherein we had to deal with jet lag for several days.This meant dawn trips to 7-Eleven for us.:))

Our pilot girl

On our fly back, Lily was a little bit more active as she is more aware of her environment at that stage. She kept playing peekaboo with those passengers in her view. Thankfully, most didn't mind the papansin, I think.:)) Learning from the first experience, I kept the packed food and toys somehow simpler: ponkan, bread, couple of hard boiled eggs, kamote, boxed cereals. The in flight meals (scrambled egg, rice, steamed veggies, diced fruits) were also easier to offer to her now that she is more than a year old so we seldom had to bring out the packed food. I guess this was fine...better too many that too few, right?:p

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