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September 16, 2018

Hawaii - Day 3 - Kauai East Side

Fern Groto River Cruise
Sunday was planned with the least amount of driving. We headed to Smith's for a river cruise to the Wailua State Park/ Fern Grotto. We made the mistake of routing a google map to the grotto and the route took us up the mountain and then immediately down again. Thankfully my navigator (Nina) figured that out and apparently the river port was just across the hotel.

This was one of the recommended family friendly activities in the travel book and Travel with Kids so I was surprised that we seem to be the only family onboard. :)) Also, it was not much of a hit with Lily but she liked having an opportunity to take pictures with her camera. (Unfortunately, we forgot to bring charger for it so it didn't last long)

Ke Ala Hale Makalae Bike Path
After which, it was too hot to go to Smith's tropical paradise/garden+park so we decided to have lunch instead. We striked out again with Pono Market. Since we were already parked in the area, we decided to go to Ono Family Restaurant and got Adobo Moco and saimin. Afterwards we then shared our first shaved ice of passion fruit, coconut, pineapple combination with macademia ice cream at Ono Ono shave ice. For me, this is the best (and the cheapest one too) out of all the shaved ice we tried on the island and this wasn't even listed in our itinerary so it was a pleasant surprise.

We stopped by Safeway to buy some supplies then headed back to the hotel to get our coupons for the bike rental. I only got two but should have asked if we can get three because the bike trailer for Lily on my bike is counted separately. Anyway, it only cost us an additional $5 per hr ($10 total) so it was not a big deal. 
Doing the Ke Ala Hale Makalae bike path was an achievement. Tamang pagod at araw lang...workout started at 3pm.:p One thing I would do differently for next time is to inspect the bike first. 
There was a checklist we had to sign to agreeing that "we will ride on the designated path","be responsible if we damage the bike" and that sort of stuff so I should have taken that as a cue. We were too eager to start because we had to return the bikes before the shop closed for the day (5pm) when I realized too late during the ride that my bike didn't have a horn(?) and the light(?) was broken. Good thing Topeng was riding behind us to serve as the buzzer(?) to keep us safe and the "defects" on my bike was not penalized on me.

After which, we looked for Fuji/baby Beach but we we're not sure if were on the right place and if it still safe to swim at that time so we just relaxed a bit then headed back at the hotel to share dinner.

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