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August 28, 2012

The Ring (Pun intended)

Disclaimer: This is going to be long.

October 2010

We were in Uruguay hanging out at a colleague’s apartment. I was using Topeng’s phone. His Facebook is still logged in. I was ”bored” so I snooped at his messages. There was a message from his mama. I don’t remember the exact words but it was something like: “Peng dear, Kamusta? Nag-propose ka na?” I freaked out. Not that I didn’t want to marry Topeng but I thought: Are we ready for this? Being the spoiler that I am and that I don’t keep secrets from him, I said: “Ano to?!” He was furious (and he seldom gets mad at me) and sad. It was supposed to be a surprise. He loved surprising me even though I get a kick seeing him uncomfortable pag nabubuking ko sha.>J On our walk home, I apologized and we talked about it. I told him that I want us to be financially stable first, stable enough to buy our own place. I don’t want us to be another couple who fights about money. Sabi ko: “next year na lang”.

February 2011

We went to look at houses for sale around our village with the help of my mom’s realtor friend. By now, it has sunk in to us that we can’t buy a house without getting a loan at the rate we’re going. Starting a life together with debt is something that I am avoiding. It was frustrating.

April 2011

We were going to Machu Picchu in Peru for the holy week long weekend with a friend. I was really excited about this trip so I told a friend about it. I had a feeling that he would propose on this trip but thought it could be cliché to do so. When we arrived there, it was so surreal, and I thought "Screw cliches! Whatever happens, happens.":)) Conquering Wayna Picchu was so tiring but it was an achievement. When I was climbing it I remember thinking: “Man, the things I do to get that ring.”:))Then later on, I thought: “I hope he is not going to do it here because I am so waaasted!”:)) Thankfully(?), there was no ring for that day. Later on, I found out that he was planning to do it at the top of the mountain but he knew that I didn’t want to make a scene and our friend who was supposed to take a picture couldn’t stay long at the top. :p

On our last day in Peru, Topeng set the tripod so we could take pictures of the accommodation with a nice view. There he knelt and took out a box from Marry Me. Is this it? He opened it and inside is *wait for it!* a flower he picked from Wayna Picchu!:)) He said that he wanted to make sure that I was ready for it. Segurista ang loko. Fine by me since I had the least picturable clothes on as it was our last day and I was not a fan of the kneeling (we should be equals, my dear) so the blocking was bad. I doubt if those pictures will ever see the light of day.:)) Later on, I found out that my friend told Topeng that I thought that proposing there would be cliché so he had second thoughts doing it. Pop, you now that when I want to get something done, I tell it to you not my friends. :))

September 2011

Topeng got another job. This guy really loves me. He took a step closer to our dreams and he would travel from QC (where he works from home) to Taguig and take me home to Las Pinas just to see me.

January 2012

I moved to the same company as Topeng's. Topeng can sell anything including me when he recommended me.:))

We flew to Orlando for an onsite assignment. One Saturday, we went to Universal Studios and had a blast. Topeng kept bugging me for us to have our picture taken on the photobooth, I objected since we already have pictures on his SLR camera and he also brought a tripod. Haller! When I finally agreed, I was too tired from too much walking and he couldn't find the photobooth anymore. The following day, we went to the mall to do some pasalubong shopping. There is a photo booth there and Topeng urged again to have our picture taken there. Ok, if you insist, I said. I had a hard time believing that Mr. HD really wanted our picture taken with this neo-printy machine. While posing for the picture, he popped the ring and asked "Yes?". Instead of the usual proposal reaction of "O my God!", I said: "What the hell!" Seriously?! Really?! Anyway, as I exclaimed, what the hell, fine, I took the ring and continued posing for the picture. After which, we waited for the picture to be printed which didn't completely! The computer rebooted in the middle of printing! I was not sure if I would be relieved because I looked horrible because of the bad quality of the picture or disappointed that this was it, no speech and a half-baked picture. The latter dominated so I had to squeeze a speech out of him. Glass-shattering moment: my fiancé did not prepare a speech (or anything, except for the ring) when I specifically told him that it is not the place or documentation but the speech. A proposal is synonymous to an offer from a seller to a prospective buyer after all and I was not buying it! Or I bought it but doubted if I liked it enough to live with forever.

Present day

I must admit that it took me some time to accept that I'm never gonna get that dream speech or proposal but I realized some things:

1. I have to accept that my fiancé is not perfect just like he has to accept that I am not perfect (but it couldn't hurt to try to be!:p)

2. I would rather have a husband that is not a good in speeches and good in action than someone who speaks well but has no credibility (as he doesn't practice what he preaches) or uses it for deception or for the sake of flattery. Topeng is good in action in every sense of the word. :))

3. Topeng is husband material and I would be lucky to be his wife. I am not settling down but settling up....whatever that means! :))

a. He is hard-working so I know he will be a good provider.

b. He respects his parents and is even afraid to disappoint them. He treats his family well.

c. He is a good leader deserving of my submission

d. I could go on naming his good qualities but this boy is mine! :))

4. Pop, this does not mean that you're off the hook. As Barney Stinson said: "I can turn this around" ;))

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