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September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012 Fernbrook Gardens

The day marks our civil wedding and supposedly engagement shoot. Since we had limited invitees and it's a significant day in our lives, I guess we are required to write about it so here goes.:))


Only four things were on my list for the civil wedding: white dress, orange shoes, hair and makeup and the tiger necklace popy gave me for my birthday. I left the photo/video, marriage processing and rings for Topeng to do. I didn't even prepare my vows and I was even finishing up some work that morning.:))

I was really surprised how much preparation my husband's family put into this. Wow!

Expected: To be held in Las Pinas city hall officiated by a reverend

Actual: Hill area of Fernbrook Gardens (to coincide with our free use of the venue for the engagement shoot) officiated by a pastor friend

Expected: One photographer and one videographer for the civil wedding. A couple of Topeng's photographer friends and a videographer for the shoot.

Actual: OMG, they were alot! And I didn't expect that they would document and choreograph my every move which is kind of annoying. Ganun ba talaga?! Sumakit ang cheekones ko ha! Pano pa kaya ko sa January nito :))

Expected: A week before the day, I was actually dreading having a shoot. Topeng and I finally had a with a theme for the shoot which we were both happy with. My sister Angel helped us come up with the idea. My sisters helped us make some props to use.

Actual: My MIL provided some more props and even bought me some dresses and shoes to use. Kinarir ang pagiging stage mother in law! :))

Expected: No venue decorations for both events

Actual: MIL supplied flowers for the gazebo and balloons for the gondola. She even provided me with a bouquet.

Expected: Booked hair and makeup artist referred by my FIL for that day.

Actual: I actually didn't have a peg for my hair and makeup. MIL granted my request for a flower hairpiece although it was late notice. The hmua did my hair so the flower can be used.:)

Expected: No crew meal will be provided

Actual: My hair and makeup was taking longer than I expected so the ceremony started later than scheduled. Good thing my groom had the presence of mind to order some fastfood.

2:30 pm: Civil Wedding

From the bridal room area, Topeng drove me, our mothers and ninang to the hill area of Fernbrook. Pastor Erwin then provided us a quick orientation on the message to parents and the vows while mama set up the place with flowers.

During the message to parents, I prevented myself from crying but I was not able to finish my message so the pastor finished it for me. Buti na lang.

For the vows, Pop gave a short message while I opted to read for a template vow from the pastor's tablet. It was all so surreal to me that I honestly didn't remember Popy's vow but I remember liking it. Now I know why people read their vows because if I didn't I'll probably end up crying! :))

The pastor also gave a message of what a marriage should be. It made me surer than ever with this commitment. Truth be told, I didn't experience any cold feet. Mas na-stress pa ko na hindi masimulan ung ceremony on time at mag-expire ang pagka-girl ko.:))

Rings were exchanged and recitations were made.

Signatures were done... Kulang pala kami ng ninang/ninong/witness so we had to resort to using a proxy... No biggie.

To end the ceremony, we kissed for the first time as husband and wife. Di ko lam kung mabagal lang ung videographer namin pero ang bilis daw. Exag! Di pa naman namin na-practice ang aming cinematic kiss so I hope it doesn't look awkward:))

Of course, an event won't be considered an event without picture taking. We were photographed with different sets of attendees.

4:00 pm: "Engagement" Shoot

Because of our surplus in photographers and videographers, the picture taking on the hill ended longer than expected so we only had 2 hours left for our actual shoot. Add to that I still have my makeup retouched. I wouldn't have worried except I didn't want the props and the venue to go to waste by not being maximized. I wish I could give advise on how to go about this sort of vanity but instead I will just list down what I liked and disliked with this experience :))

Like: Our theme gave us a chance to show our uniqueness as a couple. Char!

Dislike: I find some shots that the videographer made us do unnecessary with the theme. I wish I had been more assertive but I may not have the level of diplomacy required for such a task so I told popy instead but he just told me to go with the flow.

Like: We were able to use most of the props and some of the venue.

Dislike: Most of the shots were done at night since we started late. We only shot at two areas: the gazebo area and the gondola. There were other areas where I visualized our props to be used like the chapel, fountain, stairs.

Like: We have many options for photo and video. Hopefully, at least one of them turns out good.

Dislike: Time management. I just don't have the patience to spend so much time on one picture. Instead of Topeng paying attention to me and having our picture taken, he was instructing the photographer. Papa was also instructing the videographer.

Like: Props na kinarir! Sana lang d kami masapawan ng props.

7:30 pm: Dinner with family and some friends

We had our reception at Leslie's Restaurant, Alabang. My mom reserved the place while we were having the shoot so that's one thing off my mind. Whew! You could imagine how hungry I was from all the events of the day. I didn't even eat a crew meal for the fear of ruining the makeup and bulging through my dress. Halatang di sanay magpaka-girl.:))  Good thing it's a buffet type of restaurant so no need to think about what to order.  My family and some friends were already halfway through their meals when we arrived. All expressed their congratulations, my sisters asked for kwento since they and my brothers were not able to attend due to classes/work being a weekday, my mom and our now ninang denise admired the ring (previously owned by my parents in law) and asked me our future plans, and daddy gave some advise. Of course, walang patawad ang photographer pero keber na, gutom na ko e.:))Pictures with family and friends were taken to culminate the event.

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