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November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines, this is my first Thanksgiving and our first Thanksgiving as a couple. Our thanksgiving lunch was sponsored by our friend Hector's parents. Auntie prepared the traditional turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, bread and butter, and a dish made out of plantain bananas. I also liked the mango wine. We also celebrated Sebastian's 11th month with cakes.

After the lunch, Pop and I took advantage of the long weekend to go to LA. Pop did all of the driving. :p We almost got into trouble since the GPS led us to I-8 which passes the border and we didn't have our passports. Thankfully, the officer let us pass.

Spouses Daena and Justin accommodated us in their apartment and took us around. Since it was Black Friday, our first stop was the mall. I did most of the Christmas shopping for my female entourage there.:p We had lunch at Bulgogi House, an eat-all-you-can Korean barbeque place. I would post a picture of our lunch but Topeng is taking forever to give me a picture.

We passed by a Filipino grocery then headed back to the apartment afterwards. Needless to say, the afternoon was spent sleeping off the heavy lunch.:p In the evening, we went to Sta. Monica Pier to take pictures.

Then we headed back to the apartment and ate carbonara dinner by Daena.

Saturday, we had another big lunch at a Pho place. Big is actually an understatement for this one:))

After lunch, we went to a Culver City park  for some picture taking again.

Cover Photo

Finally, we were able to do some LA sightseeing.We went to Hollywood sign and walked for less than 45 mins on the  Hollywood Walk of Fame (since parking prices are steep on that area:p)

Back at the apartment, we had dinner of Chinese takeout.  Daena and Justin sure knows the best foods in town. hehe!

Sunday morning, we headed back to Arizona. This time on the I-10 Phoenix route.We ate lunch and did some shopping at Ikea. I finally was able to do some driving from Phoenix to Tucson. Now I know that cruise control was soooo boring. I almost slept on the wheel one time. [-( We headed to Shy's house to drop off some items from the Filipino grocery and Ikea; then went to church. The shopping mania wasn't over as we went to Walmart to do our grocery for the week. The end.



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