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December 20, 2012

Seattle Space Needle

On our way back to the Philippines for the holidays and for our church wedding, we had more than 12 hrs of layover in Seattle. This led to our first transit/layover trip. We arrived in Seattle past 5 pm. which means during our layover, most of the attractions are already closed. After persuading Popy, we decided to go to the Seattle Space Needle. After dropping off our bags at the hotel, we requested the shuttle service to take us to the nearest Light Rail Station. We later found out that there were other hotels nearer the station. Good thing the shuttle service was free of charge though we had to give a tip to the driver. Based from the hotel receptionist's advice, we took the Light Rail up to the station with the monorail then took the monorail up to the Seattle Space Needle. And here is our complimentary picture:

We weren't quite prepared for the cold there so pardon our pale faces.:)) We were hoping to celebrate our monthsary with a steak dinner there but unfortunately, all the nearby restaurants were already closed and the public transportation closes by midnight so we headed back to the hotel. Fortunately, a bar near the hotel is still open so we just ate burgers there. You could say that hunger caused me to have googly eyes. hehe!

Photo: Kung liligawan mo ako ulit, eto Ang isasagot ko - Nin Ja Veridiano

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