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January 03, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013

It has been an eventful year for us.

- became office mates again at a new company

- went to Florida for the first time

- got engaged

- first time to be physically separated for more than 3 months

- delved into the crazy world of wedding preparations

- got civilly married

- officially relocated to Tucson

- jointly paid our bills...eww, adult life! Ewwww!

- partied the last days of the year....with our families! :))

Overall, we had a blessed 2012 and any misfortunes we might have turned out to be blessings.

<New year picture supposed to be inserted here but  it might be 2014 before Topeng does this! *Dagdag mo sa New Year's Resolution mo, pop!*>

<--- Bam picture uploaded! (Topeng)

Though we can't relax just yet because 2013 greeted us with unfinished wedding preparations. Wedding stress galore! We can't wait for this to be over! Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.:))

Anyhoo, I guess now would be a good time to list some goals and resolutions.

Nina's platform (charot!)

1. Magpaganda/Healthy-healthyhan. Though malamang short term lang to kse for the purpose of the wedding. bwehehe!

a. Daily workout c/o of Just Dance 4. Mukhang mas ok ang form ko dito kse nung nag Insanity Asylum ako nung July, nasobrahan daw ako ng payat. Achievement pa rin.

b. Eat moderately. Fortunately, di na ata sanay yung tiyan ko kumain ng madami since nag-intense workout ako at mabilis ang turnaround... TMI!

c. Mag-vitamins at muk-ap ng konti. Pansin ko lang parang ang putla ko sa peechurs kaya yan. So far, d ko pa nagagawa to ngaung taon.

Yun lang, I've managed to fall on my butt while trying to kill a cockroach before the year started (curse you, ipis!), scratched myself with aspile while fitting my gown (wala naman akong secret affair ha! wakoko!) and collected insect bites from divisoria. So I guess I should also add, stop ipis-killing sprees, too much gown fitting and more off lotion in my goals.:))

2.Magpaka-domesticated. From ganda to losyang... wag naman sana.:))

a. Walang katulong sa states kaya si popy na lang. Joke! Sige na nga, no choice na to.:))

b. Budget planning for the both of us. Kelangan ipahinga ang bulsa since napagod sha sa kasal...ang pinakamatinding vanity expense na nagawa ko sa buhay ko!

3. Magpakasaya: honeymoon in Europe hopefully!

Topeng's goals to follow...kung meron man...wala naman pilitan to.:))

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