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January 01, 2013

Principal Sponsors

Finally, we are done visiting/contacting all 18 of our principal sponsors. We know it's a lot but we did it! Initially, it was only supposed to be 5 pairs but due to insistent demand the list got a bit bigger.

Anyhoo, without further ado, here are our pit stops:

Mr. Emmanuel (Noel) and Mrs Josephine Katipunan: Very sweet couple with a very cute love story. Their daughter, Topeng's second cousin, Chic was also present during the visit and you could tell that their very close by the way they address each other. They offered a lot of advise mostly on invoking values to our future children and even referred us to a tailor for the suits for the entourage.

Adding some more info, previously Topeng was some kind of a computer instructor when Chic was still in high school. The fun part starts after the session as Topeng and Tito Noel have there discussions about everything under the sun. This lead mostly to several light debates which eventually made Topeng a bit more inquisitive than necessary. In tagalog, masyado mahilig mag tanong.

Ferdinand Veridiano: Tito Andy is Nina's dad's youngest brother and is married to Tita Roxanne. They have three children. The youngest of which will be our flowergirl. Since, they are based in Baguio, we decided to give him a call to inform him. He is a Topeng-approved ninong because he complimented Topeng's "matipuno" physique. Believe us that was not intended to sound gay. Hehehe! We believe he values an active lifestyle by running in marathons  and even challenging Topeng with arm wrestling last Christmas.  Too bad, we forgot to take a picture with just our kalog ninong last Christmas so will just have to make do with this family picture.

Pastor Leo and Mrs Sheila Mata: Kuya Leo is a CCF pastor and Ate Sheila is a teacher. They have two young children. We met them after a  Sunday service and treated us to lunch in Megamall. They are a humble couple and  really took time to get to know us. Kuya Leo provided us with a one-on-one(couple) session which was very helpful and made me proud that I am marrying a man with the right set of values. We saw them again before Christmas and Ate Sheila actually reads our blog. We're glad we have this pair with genuine interest and concern to provide guidance to our marriage.

Way back (1995?), both kuya Leo and ate Sheila were part of the small church group that Topeng attended to in Makati. They are partly the reason why Topeng became a Sunday school teacher for some time.

Most of our principal sponsors are based abroad so we called them to inform them of their fate :))

Mrs Irene Baytan: Tita Penny is Nina's mom's sister who is based in the US. She is a doting wife to Tito Cirio. She is indeed loyal to her "in sickness and in health" vow and is very prayerful. We are lucky to have someone pray for us.

Mr. Rodolfo Lintag: Tito Rody is my mom's youngest brother. He has two children and has found an enduring love with his wife Tita (R)Arlene. He (and his wife) are very patient with children they are currently fostering. We will surely learn from them.

As a side note, Nina has already learned a bit of patience with Topeng's corniness and can now able to endure it from time to time.

Mrs Ederlina Castro: Tita Lina is also Nina's mom's sister and is based in Canada with her husband Tito Rey. They are each others' first loves and are still very sweet with each other. I believe they are an altruistic couple who loves traveling. We will surely ask travel advise from them. We are touched that they traveled back to the Philippines to attend the wedding.

Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Anabella Katipunan: Tito Alex and Tita Bea's family is based in Singapore where we stayed for a week while we toured SG. They are a young and accommodating couple that has 2 very bright and cheerful children named Lia and Diego (Todo papuri, pero totoo yan!).  Back when Tito Alex was still living in Manila, Topeng usually watches him play different computer games (Warhammer, D1 and the likes) which led him to be fascinated even more in computers.

Here is their family photo that Topeng took while in Singapore.

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Tamara Black: Mark is the boss in our current company Origin. He is greatly responsible for assisting us in building our life in Tucson and even volunteered Tamara to help us with filling up the apartment; so we are grateful. Topeng can learn from Mark's business skills and Nina might learn from Tamara's homemaking. Unfortunately, we forgot to do a screen cap of our Skype call with them!

Mr. Danilo Lintag: Tito Dan is Nina's mom's brother. He and his wife Tita (D)Arlene are Nina's toughest competitors in Words with Friends. This couple really values family as shown in the loads of pictures of grandchildren and family reunions in their FB pages. Tito Dan spent his Christmas with us in the Philippines as seen in this picture.

Mrs. Leia Henderson: Tita Leia is Nina's dad's sister. She and her husband are based in Australia where they accommodated Nina in her first international assignment. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to contact her over the phone and just communicated via emails.

Mrs. Dennise Lim: Tita Dennise is Nina's mom's friend from BCBP. She is single-handedly raising her family after losing her husband to cancer. We are grateful that she was there to witness our civil wedding ceremony.

Atty Ronaldo Bautista: He is Nina's dad's friend and colleague. He is married to Prosecutor Minnie. Their acceptance and respect for each other (and endurance to Nina's dad's endless talk :p) are admirable. They welcomed us in their home last Christmas Eve where we had our first Philippine lechon turkey. He provided us some of his opinions on legal matters relating to family and admittedly was not keen on giving us advice as he finds us blessed to be ready for this commitment. Yey!

Congressman Benjamin and Mrs Elenita Asilo: Topeng's parents recommended both Cong and Nene as stalwart servants of the community.. One thing I can't forget during this encounter was they were talking about a missing head that was later found out hiding in the other part of the morgue. LOL

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