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June 22, 2013

Cultural Night: Italia

Having stayed there the longest during our Europe trip, there are a lot of cultural aspects to Italy. For our July cultural night, we decided to focus on art and food.

Food: Pop was raving about this pizza restaurant he went to and he wanted me to try it. It was one of his hole in the wall places. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember the name of the place so we couldn't look up the delivery number and he had to get it to-go. We were supposed to eat it during the movie but he later found out that the restaurant was already closed for business so we had to change our plans. We contemplated on making pizza but we lacked some ingredients and it was already late so we decided to just have dinner at Olive Garden.

Movie: After dinner, we watched a movie named The Agony and The Ecstasy. It is about Michaelangelo's life. This movie was recommended to us by a guide during our tour of the Vatican Museum. Technically, this is more of the Vatican City not Italy which are two different countries but since we will not be doing a Vatican City night, this will do.

While watching the movie, we decided to do some wine drinking as well. 

Activity: Italian food is considered as one, if not the most, popular food in the world so we decided to make cooking as our activity. Since we just ate pasta from a friend's house the previous week and making pizza from scratch takes time (according to previous experience), we decided not to do those. The dish of choice: risotto, since we have never tried making one before and they do not have this in Olive Garden's menu. We ate gelato for dessert.

I would like to apologize to the Italians for this lackluster attempt at exploring their culture. Their are definitely some more aspects to know about Italy including but not limited to:
  • art (most of the famous artists like all the names of the ninja turtles originated from there),
  • architecture/sculptures (you could really see the great amount of detail they put on the churches and statues), 
  • sports (soccer; Ferrari is a popular sports car)
  • fashion (Armani, Gucci, Prada....none of which I dare afford though :)) ) 
  • music (opera singer Pavarotti is Italian)
  • literature (Roman mythology)

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