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July 07, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

This year's US Independence Day is a Thursday so we decided to take the Friday off and go on a mini Arizona road trip.

Montezuma Well
A lake in the middle of the desert.

Chapel of the Holy Cross
This is a Roman Catholic Chapel located in Sedona with a wonderful view.

Red Rock BBQ
Where Pop and I shared a plate of ribs for lunch.Yum!!!

Continental Country Club
Where we watched 4th of July fireworks (with matching lightning)

Flagstaff Visitor Center

Meteor Crater 
This is a crater located in Flagstaff. Seeing the size of the crater hole makes you realize how small you are in this big world. Also, mahangin sa labas!

Longest Map in the US
Once upon a time, when Route 66 was still the main thorough fair in the US, there were a lot of hyped up stop overs like the longest map in the US. It is even on Google Now's nearby attractions. :))

Sunset Crater
Unlike the previous place, this is a volcano crater. We paid a small park fee for this but when we saw it, we don't know what to make of the actual volcano but on the way there we can see miles and miles of lava devastated trees.

Wupatki Ruins
While driving around the Sunset Crater, an officer stopped us to inform us that the road is closed (due to bad weather) and that we need to make a detour. Our detour led us here. This area was supposedly closed but we were still able to roam around.

Route 66 Flagstaff
The roadtrippers

Mini-safari and zoo. They also had a bird show.

Grand Canyon
The South Rim. Umulan kaya napa-change costume.:p

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