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October 26, 2013

Halloween 2013

As this was not planned as part of Pop's birthday month celebration, I'm allotting a separate entry for it. There was a halloween event (I think) at that time in Biosphere 2 so we went to check it out with the Dandals. Biosphere 2 is a dome-shaped science center which does research and development of the self sustaining habitat that's why way back, as an experiment, several scientists lived 2 years of their lives inside the dome living entirely on what's grown inside of it. Ok, you got me, I'm just saying all this to sound smart. If it weren't for Popy, I wouldn't even know the Biosphere 1 is earth itself. :))

2-headed, 3-legged monster. bwehehe!
Failed attempt at the library. Ang swanget!
In fairness, swak na swak ako sa halloween theme kse ang panget ko e...ung buhok at pimple ko di nakikisama.:)) More pictures here.
A couple of days before halloween, Pop and I carved the pumpkin we bought at Apple Annie's with the use of a kit from Walmart and here is how it came out.
On Halloween night itself, we accompanied the kids trick-or-treating at the Dandal's neighborhood.
Shy prepared some cool Halloween themed food. Note to self: Learn how to do these.:))
Pigs in a blanket
Nachos with pumpkin shaped cheese ball
Since we had no other costumes handy, I came in tiger and Pop came in penguin attire....which Hector scolded me for...Men, he really takes it seriously! :))
Hector as Bane

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