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October 28, 2013

Cultural Night: Vietnam

Better late than never. We almost ditched our cultural night for October because I had so many plans in mind for the month of Popy's 30th birthday pero naisip ko lugi naman ako...I want to be consistent with our date nights even though I always end up pushing it. Men!

Anyhoo, for our food, we dined in Com Tam Thuan Kieu after some last minute grocery shopping at the Asian Supermarket (Lee Lee). I tried to Google Translate the meaning of the restaurant in English and it gave an alternative spelling with accents and it only translated some of the words: Com translated to "rice" while Tam translated to "center" or "heart". Thuan Kieu had no translation so go figure.:)) I ate at this place before so I knew that their servings are good enough for two so Popy and I shared this time. As usual we ordered an appetizer sampler so we can try almost anything. This is #1on the appetizer menu below:
We thought since it looks like a lot that we would end up bringing the rest for takeout but we ended up finishing it. Yummy! Btw, I tried Google translating yummy as well....too many words! Hahaha! Here is Popy smiling with our appetizers:
For our main course, we got the large pho with all the meat in it which is #1 as well on this page of this menu:
The movie of choice is about the Vietnamese war, Platoon. I'll leave it to Pop to review this as violence, drugs and Charlie Sheen are not really my cup of tea.
[Topeng] All I can say is wow! I always thought that it was Charlie Sheen who was in the poster but I was so surprised that it was Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin) which was surprisingly one of the heroes here. There were also a lot of pretty famous actors here when they were not yet so famous. 
As for the story I like it. but be warned, it is not a feel good movie. 

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