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October 30, 2013

Love Letter to Birthday Boy Pop

A – Adventures through Airplanes and Automobiles Away with you
B – Birthday when a Boy might like to Barbeque
C – Clever with a Camera even a Crew won’t have a Clue
D – Decision-making, Driving and Dishwashing Duties that you Diligently Do
E – Ears that listen to me and Eyes that see when I can’t see
F – Financing our Family Fun as sometimes it’s not Free
G – God who has Gifted me with a Geek like you, makes me smile with Glee
H – Handsome Hardworking Husband, as Handy as can be
I – Illustration of Inventive, Inquisitive Ideas that you are the Invoker
J – Joy of Jointly Joining a Job of being such a Joker
K – Keeper of Kempt Kitchen and Key to Kinky Kisses
L – Living with Luscious Loyal Lover
M – Mushy who I wouldn’t be without being Married to a Man like you
N – Nourishing my Needs whether old or New
O – Outstanding One and Only
P – Penguin Popy who I love so true
Q – Question, there is none, that I feel like a Queen when I’m with you
R – Relish Romantic dates Relieves my Restlessness
S – Sizzles in the Shower with Smarts and Sexiness
T – Thankful for your Talent at Technical Tasks and Terrible Toilets to Tell is a Taboo
U – Undeniable Urge to Undress my Underwear if U want to
V – Volunteering to Vacuum, my Very Valentine
W – Waking up early to prepare our breakfast and lunch Without any Whine
X – X-rated things I will do to you but X-ercise is due
Y – Yes to Years of Youthfulness with You
Z – Zits, there will be Zero, as Zen and enough Zzzs I hope you’ll get enough too

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