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June 27, 2014

It's the final countdown

Month 7
It's time to buy a family car for the Franciscos as Intense, our two-door Scion TC leased car, is not child seat accessible. Being the cool parents that we are (LOL!) and with the recommendation of my cousin Arvin for its safety rating, we decided to get the swagger wagon (aka Toyota Sienna). The eight-seater would also give us enough room for visiting family as well as Pop's woodworking and our future kids.(naks!)  (Thank you my supportive wife! :p - Topeng)  
Boring parenthood was creeping in on us so we grabbed our last chance for the year to go to the Renaissance Fair. This was our first non-dining and non-movie related date in a while. Pictures here.

This month I also had several excuses to pamper myself with a manicure and pedicure. Aside from me needing extra effort to reach my feet, we attended the Dandals' wedding renewal (pictures here) and our annual company team building in Las Vegas (pictures here) so I had to be a little more groomed.:p Las Vegas is also as babymoon as we can get.

Month 8
As an extra precaution for my hypothyroidism, the doctors recommend regular monitoring of the baby with twice a week Non Stress Test and once a week Biophysical Profile. Both are non-invasive procedures.  Thank God she always passes and hasn't given us a reason to worry health-wise. During the BPP/sonograms though she always hides behind her hands so we can't determine who she looks like so I hope we get pleasantly surprised.:)) Scans from the BPP compiled here.

Two of our Saturdays were spent attending childbirth preparation classes by Northwest Medical Center. The class was taught by a doula and training materials included a booklet on childbirth and some pamphlets on childcare. She also showed some "props" that could possibly used during childbirth which I selectively forgot. Waah! Hands-on exercises consisted of labor positions, breathing techniques and swaddling. It also included a tour of the women's center which is the labor and delivery building of the hospital.
This is what Pop thinks an Asian baby looks like

On my first Mother's Day, Pop prepared a hearty pancake breakfast for me with Calla Lilies and a card.

During the Memorial Day Weekend, we initially planned to go to San Pedro Conservation.  After navigating through a bumpy unpaved (read: pee and possibly labor inducing) road, we didn't find it. The GPS pointed us to a remote destination where I ended up "marking the territory". I guess this is preparing me for future humiliation when the little one comes.:)) After lunch, we just headed to Patagonia National Park where we tried the boat ride. We also had a chance to use our Tucson Passport there. (Warning: instant replay on my outfit.:p)
Saan Pedro?
Sonoita steak at this place for lunch
Patagonia National Park

Month 9
She's getting heavier so Popy treated me with a prenatal massage. Yey, last chance for us to get some downtime!:p Popy and I also made sure to have a lot of pictures for our "maternity shoot" in case I won't look as good after this. :))
He started the belly painting but then lost track after painting the face, which looked like a firefox. Good thing our friend Mike was there to the rescue.
Popy's attempt at belly painting
Revised belly paint
In Pop's favorite shooting spot

Lily is so lucky to be showered twice with gifts. One was organized by our co-workers held in the downtown office. Another is with our friends and was initially cancelled but turned into a surprise. (Pictures here.)
Office shower: Cake and cupcakes by Alpha
Office shower: With gifts from our co-workers.
Surprise shower with our amazing friends and Lily's lolas
This month is also Pop's first Father's Day. Unfortunately, we weren't able to celebrate as we were rushing to prepare the house for visiting family. Thanks Pop for taking care of me and Lily.(Forever my pleasure :) -Topeng)

Month 10 (Say What!?!)
My mom and her sisters are in town to greet the arrival of our little one but she is taking her time in there. My aunts were staying for a shorter time so in case she doesn't show up before they leave and have their trip wasted, we took them to Sabino Canyon. Obviously, the hiking and "tagtag"-filled shuttle ride didn't convince her to come out though.

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