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July 10, 2014

Our little Lily has finally sprouted

Warning: Possibly explicit content. Proceed at your own risk.:p

Ted of HIMYM voice: Kid, this is your birth story. 
Monday: Nanay Nina called in to her doctor's  office as she was still experiencing some spotting four days after her last pelvic exam when it usually should be just 24 hours. The office then ordered her to go to the hospital to get it checked. Tests concluded that there water has not yet broken but AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) is on the borderline range (4.7. Normal is 5) according to the BPP. On-call doctor then recommended for induction to be done on same day or at least have the AFI be checked again the following day on the clinic office with more advanced machines. Nanay and Tatay chose the latter since we were already scheduled for induction that Friday (when I will be past the 42 weeks) anyway.

Tuesday: AFI is now 10 so we were sent home. That night bright red bleeding with mucous occurred but you were moving a lot so Nanay decided to wait it out.

Wednesday: At about 2:30AM, Nanay woke up to pee and became anxious because of bright red blood after wiping and hoped for some immediate movement from you to assure Nanay not to worry but can't wait so she had to wake up Tatay Topeng and call the hospital. The hospital recommended to wait when I soak a pad or experience contractions. 

That morning, before Nanay's 10:40 am doctor's appointment, she got a call from the healthy pregnancy program assuming that you were already out. After knowing otherwise, she transferred me to my OB's triage line and was told to head to the hospital instead of the OB. At the hospital, it was confirmed (about lunchtime) that water has broken. You are coming in less than 24 hours! BUUUT still no contraction and only 1 cm dilation so induction was still necessary. 

In my birth plan, the first option for induction was Prostaglandin Gel because I was dreading the IV but the triage nurses did not allow me to do that since the water has broken and there was a bigger risk for infection. (Later on, I found out that my OB was fine with that option. Arrgh!) Anyhoo, I ended up getting the Pitocin that afternoon. (It took 3 attempts to put in the IV for that. This is why I don't get sick! Arrgh #2!) I was also fully monitored as opposed to being intermittently monitored I indicated in the plan. I forgot the reason they gave me for doing that but since I was already hooked on the IV and can't move around as much anyway then there was no point fighting it. 

My consolation is that I can move around the bed to walk or use the birthing ball and the monitor can be unhooked temporarily during bathroom trips. I guess no one can fully plan a birth as I didn't expect that I will be included in those 8 percent of women whose water break before contractions occur. This caused me not to plan my meals accordingly. I only had a light breakfast and was not able to sneak in lunch before the induction.

While waiting for the Pitocin to kick-in, Tatay went to the Nurse station to ask for some free popsicles and prepared some movies to distract Nanay. They ended up just watching two and took advantage of the time to rest. Once the contractions came, I already lost track of time and I just remembered it being night time already being 3cm dilated. Thankfully, I had the chance to poop in the toilet before I was fully dilated so that's one less thing to push out.:))

Thursday: Probably after midnight, I was 3-4 cm dilated. I couldn't sit nor lie down anymore with the pain so I just remained standing up and walking a little. Lola mommy tried to assist me and handed me drinks as the labor progressed. I was beginning to doubt whether I could do this without pain medications knowing the dilation was not even halfway there. Thankfully, I couldn't remember nor Google at what point of the labor should pain medications be administered and it didn't take long for me to transition. The transition consisted of two major contractions (which made me scream and woke up the then sleeping Tatay) before the IE that confirmed it was time to push. Our labor and delivery nurse Lolita (Lola) reminded me to do the pant-pant-blow breathing from the childbirth class and tatay handed me a cold towel as requested before the pushing started. For each contraction, she coached me to breathe in, hold, puuuuuush, exhale while she, tatay and I held my legs up. She also configured the bed to position me into two sitting positions: legs raised up and legs down. During that time, it was discovered that the bag of waters was not fully broken and was probably broken at the high part so the OB had to break it. I thought it was only a few pushes needed from there but it was like ten more! The last push was quite dramatic as it took 5 minutes for it to come instead of the consistent 1 minute. As I had my eyes closed the entire time I was pushing, tatay told me that the medical staff was looking at each other puzzled as to why the contraction interval developed some gap. 

After 1.75 hrs of pushing, you were finally out at 7.6 lbs, 19 in and put into my chest crying. Thank you Lord for a healthy baby and thank you Lily for your cooperation.:D You are perfect! The placenta easily came out afterwards but was barely noticeable with my eagerness to see you.I did not plan to give you that easily to the medical staff but you pooped after you were given to me. Tatay cut the cord. While Lola Mommy and tatay doted over you being cleaned and weighed, nanay's doctor stitched her up and I couldn't stop shaking which they said was normal. Tatay did your first diaper change and brought you to me for our first breastfeeding.

Tatay and lola mommy had to go home as we were told that only 1 companion is allowed in the recovery room and so they can also put the placenta in the freezer (which they forgot!). During that time, the room, Nanay and you were cleaned up. 

That afternoon, Tatay and Nanay's friends came to visit and see you.

Definitely this is one of the most wonderful day in you Tatay and Nanay's life.  ^__^

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