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July 08, 2017

Lily's 3rd Birthday

I was not really planning on having a party for Lily's 3rd birthday given there were a lot of events going on (e.g. weddings, my mom and sisters visiting, travel plans) but mommy guilt kicked in. Lily is more aware of birthdays and parties now so I didn't want her to miss out.

As I'm not that confident in my party throwing skills and I only committed to it about a week before the event (A.K.A cramming to the max), I just invited a few friends over and made it a merienda time event.

 Lily initially wanted it to be a Doc McStuffins themed party but there was not much to work from there. It was a good thing that her Lola Emily sent her a Belle dress that we came up with the idea to do a Beauty and the Beast themed one.

I bought the decorations from the dollar store, delegated the decorations to my sister Angel and the cooking to my mom and Topeng. Still I was stressed because I moved Lily's toys upstairs single-handedly to make room for the party and Lily won't take her afternoon nap beforehand (A.K.A having a case of FOMO). When the guests arrived, the food was not ready and Lily was still sleeping. Anyway, we got it over with and Lily was so excited to open her gifts!!! Thanks everyone for attending!

The following day I recycled the decorations and bought some cake for Lily's daycare. Note to self: balloons easily pop and find healthier snack ideas. I'd add "Make friends to invite to party" but who am I kidding.. I suck at making friends and throwing parties.:))


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