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June 30, 2017

New Jersey 2017

We're back in New Jersey for the summer again. This time for my cousin Emily's wedding with Lily as a flower girl for the first time. We stayed there for less than 4 days, mostly in the Jersey Shore area. It was just right (In tagalog: sakto lang! :p) since we didn't go there the last time we were in Jersey and we had to save up our leaves to take my mom and sisters around Arizona afterwards.


Day 1 (Saturday): Wedding Rehearsal
With no decent night sleep from our red-eye, non-reclinable seat, rainy flight from Phoenix to Newark, Topeng obliged to drive from airport to Bayonne to get my mom and sisters. We stayed there longer than expected as our passengers were still repacking their luggage. In the process, Topeng took a nap and we waited for and ate breakfast then I watched videos from Mommy's 60th birthday on NJ's laptop. Lily was so excited to see her lolas and titas that I couldn't get her to make up for lost sleep and even helped her Tita Angie wash dishes. The next thing we know, it was already lunchtime so we went to a Filipino turo-turo named Fiesta Grill. After dropping off Tita Penn and Ate Angie at Bayonne house, we finally are on our way to our accommodations. We passed by CVS for some supplies.


Day 2 (Sunday): TwiceThePerks Wedding
This is it for Rory and Emily. This was the first US wedding that we have ever attended so we  were not sure what the proper etiquette should be. Unbeknownst to us that this is far from being a traditional wedding. The first hint that we had was the large amount of booze that was stockpiled on the back of the church and light buzz was served prior to the wedding ceremony.

One of the Lintags also was the officiant thanks to his online minister certification and lastly the reception was catered by several elevated foods since they were made in the food truck. :))
Add the several ice cream selection and garden games all in all this was one of the most fun and laid back wedding that we have attended! 

Day 3 (Monday): Asbury Beach
After some laid back wedding comes some more laid back beach bumming. We started the day late with some brunch and then hang out the whole day on the beach. It feels very strange not having a camera hence the lack of photos.

Day 4 (Tuesday): Flyback
Going home was a breeze and the mother and sisters-in-laws also came with us which was such a treat.

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