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September 18, 2018

Hawaii - Day 5 - Kauai South Shore

Southed out on North
This day was originally planned for Lihue in time for the luau scheduled for the night but, since it is where the airport is,  we already covered most of the places we wanted to go to on our first day and we can just go to whatever is in the area before our flight departs/last day. Our options left were either the north shore or south shore. The North shore gave me an impression that it is messier/more dangerous than the south shore from what I had read and it was farther from our evening event so I made an executive decision to go to the latter despite our newly wed friends going to the former in the afternoon. In hindsight, North shore would have worked as well if not better. More on this later.

Spouting Horn

Our first stop was the Spouting Horn. Which was nice and cool (literally and figuratively).
There were also a lot of chickens that little enjoyed chasing at.and a the shops there were cheaper than in Waimea (and all other shops we checked out in Kauai I believe) so another souvenir was bought (ukulele).>.<

Baby Beach, no more diapers
Our next stop was in Baby Beach which didn't last long. This was one of the hidden gems in Kauai. You have to park on a residential area and then walk on a side street to come here. The name also is very apt as waves are much gentler here and they have several areas with breakwaters. Unfortunately, after a few snaps, the little one needed to use the restroom but driving is required to get to one which lead us to Poipu Beach.
Poipu Beach
Poipu beach has stronger waves, bigger grains of sand/pebbles and corals nearer to the sea shore so the water shoes helped. We have foregone renting snorkeling gear but we still got to see some fishes nonetheless. (I am tempted to make a table to compare the sand, surf, and sea life on the beaches we visited at the end of this but we'll see :p)

Lunch Time + Stroll Time
We headed to Makai Sushi for lunch but soon discovered that it is just a stand so Topeng ordered poke while I ordered a carne asada bowl for us girls from another stand nearby Da Crack  then we had a little picnic at the back hood of the car. Come to think of it, we should have looked for an actual park in Koloa to have a picnic but I guess we were too hungry and also getting calamansi shaved ice from Locococo, a food truck nearby was in Topeng's agenda.:))

Before going back to Baby Beach for the afternoon, we strolled the shops and used the restroom at Kukui'ula Village Shopping Center.

Baby Beach me one more time 
Back in Baby Beach, Lily found a playmate with the same age and gender but we did not take pictures during this time for Lily to remember her by. Sorry, Lily! In my defense, the other mom didn't take photos as well. Topeng feel asleep in the shade in preparation for the Luau.

Luau Kalamaku
During welcome activities for the Luau Kalamaku, girls were bestowed with fresh orchid leis while men were given shell necklace. Kids also have a head dress made from palm leaves. Pictures for $25 purchase were taken by the "waterfalls": one with just the group and one with couple of people in native attire. They were not bad except the photographer didn't bother to make sure Lily was smiling and I was annoyed that Topeng forgot to bring the the clothes I bought for him so we could somehow be matching. :-|

The train ride included a guided tour of the Kilohana Plantation. One stop included feeding the pigs with bread provided. I have no regrets taking this train tour to say the least.

The luau was more crowded than we expected; the table numbers have three digits...that's how big it was! We were lucky that the table/seats assigned to us have a good view of the stage. At the beginning, it was quite noisy because people we're talking/walking all around/getting some drinks from the bar so we couldn't really understand what we were watching but once people has gotten their food from the buffet line, people were starting to pay attention to the show.
Each L-shaped buffet line consisted of salads, poi shots, rice, noodles, viands (imu kahlua pork, chicken teriyaki) and custard type desserts. The food was ok but not good enough to get a 2nd round. I did not get any salads because they did not look enticing to me so there was hardly any vegetable on my plate. I tried the poi (mashed fermented taro) just for novelty and it was bland and have the consistency of paste so I didn't finish it. The show kept Lily's attention. As for me, I just like looking at topless men dancing. Joke!:))

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