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September 19, 2018

Hawaii - Day 6 - Kauai North Shore

Sunrise Ceremony
We signed up for the hotel's Sunrise ceremony to see what it was all about and we like free stuff. :P It started at 6 a.m. and Cheche joined us before she left for her honeymoon.

The ceremony was very informational and gave us a good dose of early Vitamin D.

Pono Market
After which we went to Pono Market for breakfast of spam musubi, chicken and poke (shrimp for me, salmon? for Topeng). Topeng really liked it and regrets not going back.

Hanalei Beach Trip
The trip to the North shore was more of a Hanalei Beach day because that's only point of interest that we ended up going to. The waves were almost the same as Poipu but the sand is finer. The other beaches west side of North Shore were now inaccessible due to flooding last April while the rest are not family friendly (eg. full of cliffs, rocky, requires some hiking) that we did not dare to explore it. Funny how your perspective of dangerous changes once you have a little one.

Lunch Stop
We had another case of supposedly-open-but-ended-up-closed choice of lunch place. The food truck usually opens (according to them) during lunch time but I guess the waves were calling them during that time.

We ended up at Tahiti Nui Restaurant were we ordered Loco Moco and Kahlua Pork sub.

After which, we just strolled around Hanalei Center, made silly faces and bought post cards.

We also dropped by Magic Dragon Toy and Art Supply. They have lot's of good stuff, but unfortunately we are thrifty like that and did not bought anything. :D

Light House, Light Out
We should have cut our "shopping time" short  because when we arrived at Kilauea Lighthouse, they were about to close and we didn't have cash for entry ($5/adult. Kids free). This is why I now think that the North shore itinerary would have worked yesterday because by 4pm we were already going back to the hotel and would have time to take a bath before going to the luau if we had done so. Owell, no point regretting it now.

We finally ate at Kauai Family Cafe for dinner then bought ice cream at Food Land which we don't have any pictures because sometimes you are too hungry to take pictures of your food. :p

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