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September 20, 2018

Hawaii - Day 7 - Kauai Chocolate Tour, Lighthouse & (nag) Catamaran.

Lydgate Chocolate Farm
Since we weren't able to explore the farmers markets in Kauai for some local exotic fruits, I figured a chocolate tour at Lydgate Farms would be the next best thing. (We passed by what I believe is the Opeka'a Falls on the way there but we had 9am tour to get to).

Upon arrival, we were advised to put on insect repellent spray provided. Avocados are free to take and a few Macademia nuts were also available for cracking and consumption. A couple of their chocolate samples were passed around.

Fruits that we sampled included: Meyer lime with cane sugar stick, egg fruit, longan, guava, dragon fruit, custard apple, star apple, guava, passion fruit/lilikoi, papaya and of course, chocolate. Except for egg fruit and longan, all the fruit samples were already cut up. Our fruit monster is now a fruit conossieur. Char!:))

The last hour of our tour is the actual chocolate testing. We tasted a total of 11 different kinds of chocolate that I think Lily got a headache from it and is now swearing off chocolate. I think I got too convinced by what the tour guide said that real chocolate has antioxidants and has no caffeine, less sugar part.Oops!

Sleepy Lunch Time
By the time we arrived at Kountry Kitchen for lunch, Lily has crashed for a nap. Topeng expected chicken and waffles but it was more of a brunch place. He ordered corned beef loco moco while I had what's left of my Kauai Benedict for Lily to eat when she wakes up on the drive back to

Kilauea Lighthouse one more time
Since we have some time, we now came prepared and drove back to the lighthouse. The place was small enough to roam for less than an hour but Lily didn't want to leave yet to chase the birds and read some books. Overall it was nice but I was kinda disappointed that we didn't spot any whales or seals though.

Sunset Catamaran
On our way to the Kukui'ula Boat Harbor for our scheduled sunset catamaran cruise, we experienced heavy traffic. Worrying about not making it there in time, the winding roads of Kauai and possibly from what I had eaten during the day was not a good combination to prepare my tummy for the boat trip.
I am kicking myself in the head for leaving that motion sickness medicine in the hotel when I bought them just for this purpose.>.<
Fortunately, we made it to the cruise which includes drinks (canned juices, sneaky tiki, and other alcoholic beverages) and appetizers (cauliflower, crab cakes, shrimp). They were abundant but I didn't get to enjoy them as I was feeling queasy. Lily beat me to it though and I was caught in the trajectory! Oh, the messes of motherhood! After hosing down, we used our swimsuits as a change of clothes. Our faces foretelling what's going to happen next.

Dolphin or any sea animal sightings would have made it worth it but they were nowhere in sight.:( We just lounged by the "trampoline" and stared at the sunset as advertised though we could have done this w/o the boat part and saved us a lot of trouble. Would I recommend this for kids? Meh! Maybe one experience is enough. Lily was a bit scared at first but was she eventually is in a playful mood.

She is the only kid on board (again!). Is this the universe telling me to take her to the Disney cruise she has been asking to go to? I don't know.:))

Dinner Katamaran
I still didn't get my appetite back for dinner so Topeng just ordered Puka Dog to go in Poipu Shopping Village. (I should have gotten postcards here instead...they're cuter!). Topeng's review of the "Hawaiian style hotdogs" (not verbatim): it's basically a hotdog on a bun with Hawaiian BBQ sauce so nothing special and very bare.

We also checked out Seouka's for curiosity's sake. We didn't buy anything but it looked like a good place to buy stuff for the beach: snorkelling gear, sunscreen.

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