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September 21, 2018

Hawaii - Day 8 - Aloha again Kauai

Last day: Departure Lihue
Last chance to swim in the beach! Before our 11am hotel checkout, we spent our time in Lydgate Beach. If you have kids and can only go to one beach in Kauai, this is it. Lily and Ellis (a 2yr old boy who played in the beach w/ Lily) were able to see the fishes and sand crabs without having to snorkel. We left the sand toys by the beach to pay it forward but not without struggle.

The beach was so good, I had to try submerging my phone to see the fishes beneath. Worth it! (at that time, and doubt the rest of the time that my phone is still working correctly. :)) )

I Say a Tip Top...
For lunch, we had the oxtail soup at Tip Top Motel Cafe and Bakery based purely on (Cheche's) high recommendation and rightfully so! We also had a bento which contains an assortment of meats (ribeye steak, spam, fried chicken) macaroni salad and rice. Sinfully good!

We should remember to leave public reviews on these diners so that they don't end up like the failed attempts. We didn't have any on the bakery side because we were too full and don't have any recommendation on must-trys.

Post Office + Museum Driveby
We dropped by the post office to buy stamps and send our postcards.

Lily wanted to go to a museum but unfortunately Kauai no longer has a children's museum. The only museum they have is Kauai Museum. Entrance fee for $15 for adults and free for children and it is good for one week. Only Lily and I went in and it didn't last long as there was not much to see.

Costco has the best prices for pasalubong shopping like chocolate covered macademia, macademia nuts. They also have $4 swimsuits and $8 sarongs but I didn't buy them as we already on our last day. I don't have any pictures so here's a Kauai rooster for you.

(Na)Hilo Hattie
We also checked out Hilo Hattie but as expected we didn't buy anything because it was too pricey. There was a nearby store (Discount Fabric Warehouse) having half the price but still not discount enough for me.:p

Although, we decided not to go on a helicopter tour, I also checked out nearby Safari Helicopters (promo price: $199/person) but they were already booked for the day understandably because it was already an hour before their last tour for the day (420pm). Nap in the car it is.:))
Aloha for now
For dinner, we got burgers from Kalapaki Beach Hut and ate it beach side. Prior to going to the beach, Lily was a bit sad and mad that we are already leaving. See the difference before and after we got back to the beach.

Then, we got our last Kauai shave ice at Skinny Mike's.

Returned the car at Alamo and bid Kauai goodbye... for now.

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